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What if I become unemployed?

If you have worked and become unemployed, you are eligible to unemployment benefits from ALS if certain criterias are met. If you do not have Faroese/Nordic citizenship, you have to have a permanent work permit. The unemployment benefit is calculated from the income taxed at source the last 12 months before the unemployment became a reality. The maximum benefit is 80% of the income taxed at source, however no more than DKK 18,500 a month. The basis of calculation does not change regardless of how long you stay in the system.

If you work in a fish factory the FV system is a type of unemployment benefit covering temporary unemployment for fish factory workers.

The system provides unemployment benefits during periods of inactivity at fish factories due to factors such as a lack of raw materials. To qualify for FV benefits, your workplace must be approved by the Faroese Unemployment Office (ALS) under the FV system

More information concerning terms and conditions and application forms can be obtained by contacting the employment service here.

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What do I do if I’m discriminated against because of my gender?

The Sex Discrimination Act dictates that it is not permitted to discriminate against people based on gender, neither directly nor indirectly. Women and men that believe themselves to have been the victims of discrimination because of their gender may file a complaint with the Equal Status Council. Please contact the Equal Status Council for further information regarding the proper procedure concerning complaints.

You can e.g., file a complaint with the Equal Status Council if you believe that you have been the victim of discrimination because of gender in the workplace, e.g. in connection with hiring, resignation or wage, or if you have been fired because you have become pregnant or have entered maternity leave.


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